Friday, September 21, 2012

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12 How To Unbrick Xperia Ray - Full Guide

This is the most useful post when you brick your Xperia Ray or any other Xperia Phone, You can get details on how you can end up bricking your phone and how to avoid bricking of phone.

Bricking is just another term which means your Xperia device don't start even after long pressing the start button. Normally your phone should vibrate a little bit and then the xperia animation followed by sony logo. But in the case of brick the phone never vibrates or may vibrate few times randomly, but the xperia logo never comes on screen. If xperia logo is present then it might be a bootloop and you might be intrested in how to fix boot loop in xperia phones.

You need a few files as we discuss hot to fix a bricked xperia ray :

  • A bricked Xperia Ray
  • A Computer with Windows 
  • USB cable
  • S1 Tool  ( credit : vikramam )

Steps you need to follow :

Note : before you try these steps please try SEUS - Sony Ericsson update service & PC Companion to update or repair your Bricked Xperia Ray.

1. Remove battery and reinsert the battery , please do not try to switch ON the phone.

2. Download S1 tool from above and extract to any folder.

3. Click on S1 TOOL.exe

4. Click on IDENTIFY button on the right side.

5. Connect your phone , In case of Xperia Ray just Press and Hold the Down button while connecting the usb cable. wait for the software to identify your phone.

6. Click the RESTORE button ( right side of the window )

7. Now either Flash the Original FTF file of desired version of Xperia Ray stock or custom ROM using flash tools. you can read how to root xperia ray as well in case you need to root your phone again.

Note : This is tested on phones which are unlocked using test point and unlocked using official method as well.
Please do comment if this doesn't work we will help you as much we can.


  1. thanks for this,working fine on my dead xperia active :)

  2. Didn't work for me,
    I'm using a hard bricked xperia mini pro sk17i,
    i can't enter fastboot or flashboot mode, sony ericson logo doesn't appear and led indicators are dead. i guess my phone is lost is it?

  3. wow, old post but I am in hyprokun's boat. bricked mine while unlocking the boot loader with Wotan software (it's an 11w49 if that matters, I needed Wotan to unlock the boot loader)

    the software kept timing out, so i kpt trying it, and then at some point the phone stopped switching on.

    anyway, I was doing all this to root the phone so I could install a proxy app. what a waste for such a trivial obstacle.

    when I use s1tool I hang at identifying. if i press stop it'll say supported phone not found. if I leave it for hours waiting, it eventually just crashes.

    PC companion knows it's there but can't identify. the wotan boot loader unlocker hangs, but does seem to be communicating with it. of course no mounting on my computer.

    i'm at my wits' end. any leads would be appreciated!

  4. How much time will it take for it to "RESTORE" the phone after i click the "Restore" button ?

  5. i rooted my xperia ray 2 months ago....
    everything was fine...
    but today when i switche on bluetooth phone automatically rebooting...
    its not icon comes then xperia and nothing happens it reboots again same happens
    plz help... i tried to follow ur steps but it says nothing to restore... now should i need to flash??? if yes then how??

    nor pc companion suport repair working it says u have custom software cant repair...

    plz help asap....

  6. When i connect my Xperia Ray in flashmode my Windows 8 can´t find it, the LED turns green already, but in Windows 8 i see no notification or anything else that says my xperia ray is connected.

    Can you please help?

  7. it saids "nothing to restore", i can enter fastmode and bootmode, with flashtool, but every time i reflash with a different .tft file, i can never pass from de sony logo, my device is no rooted, what am doing wrong? Xperia ray st18i.

  8. just something to help with~~~

  9. My miro doesn't even detected...

  10. I cannot restore...but how can i select firmware??i cant

  11. This wasn't working for me until I removed sd card. After that my phone finally connected to the computer. Thank you.

  12. it identified my device.but when i click on restore,it shows "please attach turned off phone now".how much time to restore it



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